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MiMo UM-710
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A single USB connection from your computer gets you an instant secondary (tertiary, quaternary, quinary...) display. This awesome display is perfect for your IM client, your email, a spreadsheet, or your Photoshop tools. Not only do these displays enhance productivity, but they look great. The single USB connection combined with a weight of 1.3 pounds means these displays are ultra-portable. Drivers are in English and work in XP, XP-64, Vista, Vista 64, and OS X*

Get multiple MiMo's to create the ultimate display setup.

A second USB connection is included for systems that do not meet power requirements.

Specifications UM-710
Display Size 7"
Display Resolution 800x480
Brightness 350cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 400:1
Connections USB 2.0
Functions Monitor
(Both 32-bit & 64-bit)
XP, Vista, OS X

*OS X on Intel-based Apple computers only

Downloads & Drivers

Windows XP/Vista Drivers (On disc) 12/08
OS X Display Only Driver (Not on disc) 12/08

Drivers for UM-740
XP/Vista 32/64-bit Touch Driver 1/09
Email us for OS X Touch Driver 12/08

Warranty Terms
30 day warranty through The Gadgeteers against defective materials and workmanship.

Product Shots

Tilt and Rotate

MiMo connected to Notebook

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